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Indoor Activities to Solve Boredom

Staying indoors is recommended for your own health and the health of your community, even if you show no signs of symptoms. That being said, staying indoors is simple in theory but difficult in practice. If you find yourself longingly staring out the window or pacing around your living room, check out this list of apps and indoor activities.


Our Favorite New York City Songs

Over the decades, New York’s reputation has spread to each corner of the globe. The Big Apple has been the inspiration of films both fiction and fact, the spark for countless literature, and the muse for a myriad of music. From Franks Sinatra classics to contemporary rap, this City has produced so much music it would be impossible to rank them in order of greatest hits, let alone picking just 15 New York City songs; although making a playlist was not easy, we did our best to honor the city and the artists it’s influenced.


Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day NYC

Whether you’re ready or not, good ol’ St. Patty is making his way back to NYC and the festivities are bound to follow. This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on Tuesday, March 17th and marks the arrival of the saint’s contributions and teachings of Christianity to Ireland back in the fifth century. When it comes to the Twenty-First century St. Patrick’s Day NYC here’s what to know.

Lush bush of green foliage (Fittonia Vershaffeliti) with a sprout of vibrant red leaves in the middle in new york garden

Our Favorite New York City Indoor Gardens

March is just a week away and everyone has begun spouting statements like, “spring is just around the corner” or “spring is in the air”. These are nice theory and all, but let’s be honest, sunshine, warm weather, and greenery are still a ways away. So we’ve come up with a list of our favorite New York City indoor gardens, greenhouses, and atriums to get you through the tail end of the season!


Our Favorite Inexpensive Meals in NYC

New York seems to have an endless array of food at every corner, so it makes picking the right spot difficult at times. What’s even more of a challenge is finding an inexpensive meal that still tastes great. Lunch can sometimes seem impossible when dodging another disappointing bodega sandwich and not breaking the bank on a Tuesday. Here’s our list of quality bites and cheap eats NYC.